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Krazy Tickets helps hosts from Australia to sell tickets to any event.

Designed to be convenient to event hosts, Krazy Tickets offers different packages according to the hosts’ needs.  Moreover, we allow immense maneuverability and overseeing of each and every detail for our hosts in their personal accounts which allows them to keep a track on everything from number of tickets sold, to tickets remaining, event information and much more.

What we can help you achieve

Not just paid, tickets for all types of events can be hosted through Krazy Tickets such as social get-togethers, humanitarian events, parties, festivals, exhibitions, conference and more!

Developed by Krazy IT, Krazy Tickets’ launch is aimed to make the accessibility of such events simple and easy no matter where the event-goers are, making it a handy asset for hosts and attendees alike!

Our Specialties

  • Real-time progress
  • World-class support
  • Fast, easy setup in minutes
  • Save time and do more
  • Getting on-time payment

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  • Barcode facilities
  • Real-time statistics
  • Easy mobile app
  • Event Notification
  • Best couple experience