How to buy tickets?

After your arrival at Krazy Tickets’ homepage, visit the “All events” Section and browse through the event you are interested in, after you have successfully done so, click book event to be directed to the confirmation and payment procedures.

How do I get my ticket?

Your tickets will be available to you online after your order has been processed and you have successfully purchased the tickets.

How will my tickets look like?

Your tickets will be showcasing all of your related information such as your name, location of the event, price, seating arrangement, etc.

Do I have to print my tickets?

Yes, you will have to print your tickets.

Who do we contact for help Krazy Tickets or the organizer?

The organizer, via their emails or phone numbers.

Can we call you for help if so, where to?

Yes, you can find assistance via this number, 1300 520 889.

What if I want to host my events?

To host your event, navigate to our “Host event” page and fill in the required information that we seek from you and submit it for verification, once all the data has been processed from our end, we will reach out to you and you will be one step closer to hosting your own event!

How much do you charge for hosting events?

You can find all the details on our pricing for different types of packages that come with your tickets on our “Pricing” page. For further detailed information, please contact our help line at your convenience.