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Duration: 2 hour | Genre: Comedy | Release: May 12, 2018

‘Konjush’ was originally staged by Loko Natyadal (Siddeswari) has seen more than 700 shows of its highly praiseworthy production at different theatres of Bangladesh. Based on playwright Molière’s world famous satirical comedy, ‘The Miser’, ‘Konjush’ has been adapted and dramatised by noted theatre personality-actor Tariq Anam Khan. The Sydney act is directed by Shaheen Shahnewaz. Through situational satire, humour and crude slapstick, ‘Konjush’ weaves the story of two families living in Old Dhaka. The story of miser Haider Ali brings out some hidden negative tendencies of the elite people in a comic way. To make the play enjoyable, Tariq Anam used the typical Dhakaia dialect (a mixture of Bangla and Urdu).
The story of the play goes forward sketching a sixty-year-old, very miserly person, Haider Ali. He does not wish to spend even for his own son Kazim and daughter Laili. He has a big amount of money hidden in a pot in his garden. Kazim is in love with neighbour Marjina, while Laili has a relationship with Bodiuzzaman, son of Haider’s friend Aslam Beg.
The plot of the play comes to a climax when Haider Ali himself plans to marry Marjina. Meanwhile, another dramatic situation creates itself when Haider Ali’s hidden money gets stolen and the blame is falsely put on Bodiuzzaman by Kala Mia, the cook and rickshaw-puller of Haider.

Written by: Molière
Adaptation: Tariq Anam Khan
Directed by: Shaheen Shahnewaz
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Bryan Brown Theatre & BLaKC Cafe, Rickard Road, Bankstown NSW, Australia