Terms of Use

Krazy Tickets is a Business owned by Krazy IT Pty Ltd (ABN 20611 064 601) provides ticketing services such as the sale and distribution of tickets, also acting as an representative for the people, promoters and venue responsible for holding all said events.

General Terms

  • Krazy tickets acts as an agent between ticket buyers and event organizers. Therefore, we will not be liable for disputes such a ticket pricing, postal and handling fee and delivery methods that are managed by the event organizer.
  • It is the responsibility of the ticket seller to include any VAT or other taxes and Krazy Tickets will not be liable for issues arising from anything related to taxes.
  • As an event organizer, you comply that once you have posted a ticket here you will not post it elsewhere
  • Ticket and venue information may change and it is the ticket buyer’s responsibility to verify the information.
  • As an event organizer, you must agree to provide correct and accurate information to buyers.
  • In case we may investigate any complaints or violations, you agree that you will fully cooperate in such situation
  • You acknowledge that all the information you provide is accurate as required.
  • You acknowledge and accept that you comply to the regional laws and regulations
  • You must be over 18 years of age to be able to make a transaction.
  • You are strictly not allowed to sell stolen material on this website including any property without the authorization from its owner.
  • Tickets bought from Krazy Tickets are being emailed to the customers as PDF or in Web format after the successful payment.
  • Since all our Tickets are digitally produced, we won’t be mailing you tickets by post.
  • Customers are required to produce the Bar-coded Tickets to gain Entry, without a valid ticket you may be refuse to enter the events.
  • You agree that, Krazy Tickets hold the rights to email you to make you aware of the events that you are attending and email you about the new events and promotions that may interest you.
  • You must not under any circumstances re sell tickets (unless you are provided a written consent by Krazy Tickets) or be used to promote or advertise any materials/ events. If you are found to be violating this condition then appropriate legal action will be taken.
  • Scalping of tickets is strictly prohibited and may evoke criminal sanctions.
  • Krazy Tickets will by all means make sure that all tickets are correctly priced at the time of sale, however, if any errors are found, you are asked to co-operate and be understanding.
  • We may modify the terms and conditions, in that case the new terms and conditions will be posted on our website and the new terms and conditions will come into effect.


Additional Terms and Conditions by the seller or event host:

Each ticket sold is also applicable to have terms and conditions set by the seller according to their convenience and must be abided like any other terms and conditions. If such terms exist for a particular event, then the said terms will be made available to Krazy Tickets Website for reference.

The host also has right to add/ remove or alter performances and schedules of the event as well as relocate, reschedule, reduce or increase the ticket price, alter seat allocations, etc.

The host has valid grounds to deny you entry to the events according to their terms as well as if you are under the influence of any drugs, alcoholic substances and are intoxicated and improperly dressed.


Refund and Replacement

  1. An exchange of ticket or refund is only applicable in any such cases where the event is cancelled, rescheduled or the event location is relocated to by the hosts. Your request for a refund must come within a reasonable time prior to the event. Krazy Tickets is unable to offer you refunds or exchanges due to inconvenience for your personal circumstances.
  2. All liabilities are strictly valid only for the amount for which the tickets were purchased. You may be asked to show proof in order for a refund or exchange. Krazy Tickets is not responsible for any other losses suffered by you as a result of any such blunders in events.
  3. Krazy Tickets is only able to replace lost or damaged tickets if you can verify the originality of the ticket such as any proof of purchase. Krazy Tickets may also charge a replacement fee for the tickets.


Note for all cinema ticket buyers: We (Cinema Organisers/KT) always try our possible best to provide you with seat plans originally set by the cinema authority. However, there may be some cases where your seat allocations are modified or adjusted. In any such event, we (Cinema organisers/KT) will provide you the best available seats, of which the details shall be emailed to you prior to your attendance to said events. You are requested to co-operate if any such conflicts arise, however if you are unable to attend (cannot or simply don’t want to) due to these changes, then we have every right to refund the amount you paid for the tickets.